Support for the CellML API

The CellML API is being actively developed under the VPH NoE (Virtual Physiological Human, Network of Excellence Project), and has a growing community of users using it, and so there are numerous opportunities for support if you have questions or get stuck using the API

Avenues for getting support

  • The tracker: We maintain a tracker for questions, bug reports, and feature requests here. Please feel free to search the tracker to see if your question has been asked, and if you don't find the answer, to ask your question. There is no such thing as a silly question, and your question and its answer will be stored in the tracker to help people in the future who have the same problem.
  • The mailing list: The cellml-tools-developers mailing list is a good list to be on if you are developing CellML tools, and a good place to ask questions about API development.
  • CellML Hackathons: International CellML Workshops are held approximately annually (and announced on the cellml-discussion mailing list). These workshops include a session where you can get help from the CellML API developers in person.
  • Commercial support: The CellML API project was started at the University of Auckland, and most of the ongoing development is conducted there. Contact Auckland UniServices, a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Auckland, to enquire about commercial support for the API.